Unisex - Red Marble - Designer Face Mask

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This is a beautiful extravagant Designer Face Mask in patriotic, colorful abstract red and blue colors!

It is hand made of soft and breathable, triple layer, high quality cotton in a in colorful abstract red and blue colors!
For the best and closest Fit possible, it comes with stretchy braided elastic ear loops and flexible, adjustable sewed-in Nose Fastener, and for best protection it is a triple layer mask with filter pocket.

This mask is unisex, and comes in three sizes: S - small for smaller heads, M - Medium for regular head size, and L - Large for larger heads or people with beard, and is also for Kids and Teens available.

It is washable and reusable and proudly Fashion Designer handmade in the USA!
Additional PM 2.5 Filters available at RSP Fashion!