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Shadowbox "Zetales" Grey Alien Beatles band Limited Edition Figurines 1,303/5,000 - RARE circa 1999


In the 1960's . . . it was the British Invasion. For the new Millennium . . . it's the Alien Invasion. Ladies and Gentleman . . . introducing the Zetales — the ultimate Rock and Roll Fantasy. The Beatles as extraterrestrial aliens! Meet Ohn, Eorge, Aul, and Ingo!

Limited edition rock and roll collectible. Four hand-painted Zetales figures. Includes drum kit , and microphones. Does not include the fluorescent acrylic platform. 

Approx Height of Figurines: 4-inches
Material: Hand-painted, Die-cast metal

NOTE: This is an open box merchandise item. It is unused, and has been removed from the original package for inspection and photographs. 

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